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Assafwah Schools and Technology

In this generation, technology has been an utmost important to every aspect of any institution. Integrating some forms of technology in schools make teaching and learning more effective.

What application softwares do Assafwah Schools use?

For years, Assafwah Schools has been using digital technology and learning platforms such as Management information system (MIS), Sharepoint, and Microsoft Teams. Classter has also been added to provide more innovative and resilient solutions. The use of these learning platforms enables Assafwah Schools to customize procedures and processes based on the needs of the learners. Teachers use audio, videos, and text to reach out to their students. This helps create a collaborative and interactive learning environment where students can give their immediate feedback, ask queries, and learn interestingly. Students can learn anytime and anywhere, thereby developing new skills in the process leading to life-long learning.

By using these learning platforms, Assafwah Schools can:

  • Correlate multiple data points in order to strategize ways to improve operations and improved decision-making, by providing up-to-date, accurate data on a variety of organizational assets.
  • Create collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities, communicate with school staff and coordinate research across institutions.
  • Do advanced homework and classroom management by providing teachers the opportunity to upload detailed tasks, homework or lesson plans supporting more effectively their students.
  • Provide teachers effective sessions and lesson plans management.
  • Create assessments using easy and friendly software and schedule the exams of the semester.
  • Comprehend and configure assessment tools that view student’s progress.
  • Calculate grades for each semester, term, a year or multiple academic years.
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