My First Experience

I begin my teaching carrier in the muscat sultanate in Assafwah Private School, as a science Teacher.

It was the first experience for me to join as a teacher in another country and I was little bit tensed ,

I am going to teach omani children. It was a new school atmosphere, different children,

need to use Novel Teaching strategies etc., I got a good support from my former Academic Head Mrs. Azra, to make

myself adjust very quickly with the new Teaching atmosphere, Her frequent class observations,

workshops gave me a lot of encouragement and stand as a pillar to focus my areas of weakness such as class control,

using new teaching techniques for the age of the children etc., Slowly I learnt things, and soon after the year ie.,

In 2009 I got an excellent opportunity to teach IGCSE level Students in chemistry subject.

I am More Thankful and expressing my gratitude to Mr. Tanweer Ahmed Nazir (Our Academic Head) at this moment ,

for giving me this grateful opportunity. His motivation and encouragement make me to deal with students more confidence,

supportive and cooperative. He gave me lot of chances to undergo many trainings offered by University of Cambridge….

Online, face to face….. so all are really helpful to land my step more strongly with more perfection to teach IGCSE level curriculum and train the students in all aspects of teaching and learning.

My constant hard work, team tork, leadership qualities make myself to move to lead my Team as a “ Senior Teacher of Science Department“.

As a Senior Teacher, I am leading my Teachers with :
• great support and cooperation.
• Giving clear Idea about Teaching curriculum.
• Guiding Teachers towards Focusing Active Learning, Student centric methods and Providing fun filled learning Environment.
• Encouraging my colleagues to prepare their model classrooms, Putting Resources on Notice Board.
• Giving suggestions to upgrade their Teaching Strategies.
• We also Focus on students with special needs, Providing them with Enrichment worksheets to Improve their standard.
• Organized Interactive Workshops and Training on the following Topics

1. Effective ways of Motivation.
2. Interactive ways of Teaching Science.
3. Importance of Planning in Science.
4. Role of laboratories In Teaching Science.
5. Professional Development workshop for Teaching science. 

Our Science Department in Assafwah Schools have Qualified Teachers works with Great Enthusiasm, Team spirit, Cooperation, Support each other lead our students in theoretical and Practical Aspects of science curriculum.

We conduct science fair, science exhibition, open day activities, in last years and involve many students in developing their creativity and Inquiry skills in performing experiments, relating scientific facts, investigations and hypothesis, making models, projects to apply scientific concepts.

In school, We have great support from Principals, Vice Principal, Non Academic staffs, Maintenance staffs to support our Teachers.

Last but not the least Assafwah Private School stand as a platform for myself and other teaching colleagues who really show their potential, point of strength, hardworking attitude,

collaboration to develop their self-confidence, self- esteem, and contributing themselves as a successful teacher to the society.

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